Booking Policies



When you request our services, we dedicate your selected date/time to only you - thus keeping other clients from taking your session time.  Therefore we have always required full payment when booking your session. This helps us to maintain an organized studio calendar and guarantees that your family is our priority during your session. We accept all debit/credit cards.



The session fee covers Ashley's time & talent, custom editing, props, supplies and all that is required to operate a professional studio. Unless otherwise noted, the session fee does not include any prints or digitals.



No problem! We know things come up (sick kiddos, weather!) so we're happy to work with you to select another great date for your session per our availability. We try to be flexible and usually succeed at making another date work. Please note,  your session fee is non-refundable BUT your session does not expire, so you may elect to use your session credit at any time.


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